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Context COVID-19

Reinterpretation of existing artwork in the context of modern times

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Art is imperishable

The artwork of the series "Context COVID-19" are part of an experimental project form Jennifer Vahlbruch.

They were created long before the Corona virus hit our world. At that time, every piece had a special meaning to Jennifer Vahlbruch in relation to circumstances in her life.

They still are memories of good times to her and are far from considered being negative.

Art reused - an experiment

Jennifer Vahlbruch started a project to find out how some of her pieces could be reinterpreted in the times of the Corona virus crisis.

Learn more about how art can be reused over and over, given new meaning and adjusted to the present by visiting the project on Jennifer Vahlbruch's website.

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