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Limited Editions

What are Limited Editions?

Our artworks are only available in Limited Editions of 1, 5, 10, 30 and 100 pieces.

The number of the Limited Editions shows how many fine art prints of that artwork will be available in total. The artwork hereby is defined as the combination of subject, material, finish and size.

Our Limited Editions guarantee makes sure that there won’t be more fine art prints of our artworks as stated by the Limited Edition at anay time.

Artworks are numbered each time a print is finished. So each order will get the next available number of the edition. It is not possible to choose a specific edition number.

There will be additional fine art prints created by the artist during processing the images for printing. These are called “Artist Proofs (AP)” and are usually not available for sale. The artist may however decide at any given time to sell any of the available Artist Proofs of any image.



How can I pay and is it secure?
We provide answers to all your payment questions on a dedicated page. Please visit Payment Information for detailed information.


How are artworks shipped, what does it cost and how long does it take?
We provide answers to all your shipping questions on a dedicated page. Please visit Shipping Information for detailed information.

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