About the prints

Buying and selling fine art prints is based on trust between the customer and the artist.

I want you to feel as certain as possible about buying your next artwork from me. Please learn about my efforts to fulfill my high quality standards.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Museum Quality Standard

Fine Art Paper

Acrylic Glass

Personally inspected

Before being delivered to you, Jennifer personally inspects all prints to ensure that every artwork meets her very high quality requirements.

You may be certain to receive an unique masterpiece in excellent quality.


Using archival printing materials and high quality equipment and processing methods, Jennifer does her best to ensure the longevity of your artwork.

Collector Protection

Limited Edition Guarantee

To protect the integrity of your Jennifer Vahlbruch original artwork, all prints are part of a limited edition.

Each image will not be duplicated beyond the amount noted on your print and on the Certificate of Authenticity.

Jennifer will create Artist Proofs of her prints which are not part of the limited edition. The number of available Artist Proofs is also noted on the Certificate of Authenticity.

While Artist Proofs are usually not intended to be sold, selling them to collectors may be considered when demand arises.

Certificate of Authenticity

Designed to protect the integrity and genuineness of a Jennifer Vahlbruch fine art photograph, the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) minimizes risk of forgery and duplication.

Each artwork comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity as well as detailed information about the work such as the title, edition number, materials used, date of production and signature.

A holographic label with an unique number is attached on the back of the fine art print and on the front of the Certificate of Authenticity,

The Certificate of Authenticity ensures that your print is an original and should be stored somewhere safe, preferably separate from the art work.

Signed & Numbered

Jennifer signs and numbers all limited edition prints.

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